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The iHUB is home to a vibrant ecosystem of startups empowering musicians and the industry with a variety of next-generation technologies.

Technology in and around music is becoming more nuanced and quietly revolutionary. The way we create, consume, distribute, and even share the profits of music is changing rapidly. Our grassroots startups are part of defining how MusicTech will evolve globally. 

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Inverse is Australia's first ever 'live' entertainment platform connecting audiences with enriching experiences through fully immersive 3D virtual reality
Music as a therapy made easy. Music Health is giving you the tools to take care of your own mental wellbeing through the power of music.
A monetisation platform for all forms of artists to access clients, industry services and professionals
AI Copyright Recognition Technology for Digital Rights Management & Monitoring to revolutionize digital rights management
Empowering every music industry professional to develop and maintain positive mental health
Technology that powers transcendent audio-haptic experiences that heighten and immerse the senses through vibration
MIXOPIA Soundtrack your next event or gathering with themed, collaborative playlists to relive music memories and create new ones
A centralised communication tool built for festival promoters, production managers, artist liaisons, tour managers and artists.

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