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Paris Jeffree

AIM grad Paris Jeffree is one of the hottest young drummers around.  Good enough to be sponsored by iconic drum makers Gretsch, and good enough to be invited to work with The Avalanches. 

In early 2016, Paris was asked to join the Melbourne-based Avalanches as their full-time touring drummer. Paris spent the next two years touring and performing at major festivals and headline shows as part of The Avalanches Wildflower World Tour. Within these 2 years, Paris built up a reputation of being the engine room of the band, recreating the drum samples from the album live with sublime, powerhouse drumming. 
Paris was recently featured in a recent episode of The Modern Drummers podcast with Mike Dawson and Mike Johnston. Discussing Paris’ playing Mike Johnston said, “she to me when I hear her play, she’s probably the epitome of what I think of as professional rock drummer. Every note has care and passion and she cares about the groove more than anything else. It’s not just the drumming, it’s the whole body showmanship. I don’t think she can not play like that. It’s awesome, flat out pro.” 
Paris has recently relocated to London where she excitedly joins Years & Years as their new touring drummer. 

Paris Jeffree

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