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Bachelor 075438E
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In this course you’ll learn the foundations of recording and mixing and then progress to one of four career pathways.  

The professional studio –recording, mixing and mastering, in professional studio environments;  

Live sound production – the fast-paced world of live music and theatre production; 

Media post-production –sound design for film and games;  

Digital studio – synthesis, sampling and electronic music programming and production 

You’ll study through a combination of specialised one-on-one tutoring and collaborative classes and actively engage with students from other areas at AIM. You’ll learn theoretical and technical skills in all aspects of creative musicianship to support you as you progress.  

At the conclusion of the course you’ll have expert knowledge of contemporary audio practice, have developed strong theoretical skills in the foundations of sound as well as your specialist areas of interest.  

Our state-of-the-art recording facilities, live concert spaces and digital environments will give you ample opportunity for hands-on training. 

Major Study: Practical, specialised training to develop operational and technical excellence  

Scholarship: Train in music theory, develop your critical listening skills, and acquire the business knowledge to prepare you for the entertainment industry  

Ensemble: Collaborate with other composers, musicians and performers and put your skills into practice  

Associated Studies and Electives: Units to further specialise in your field and/or explore more  


 To apply to study at AIM, you’ll need to provide a portfolio of two musical items. This may include any of the following: 

  •  A live performance (to be performed during the interview) 
  • A recorded visual or audio performance 
  • A recorded original composition 
  • A PDF score of an original composition or arrangement 
  • A handwritten score of an original composition or arrangement 
  • An audio mix of a musical work 


Applicants may choose to provide a combination of evidence e.g. a live performance of an existing work and a recording of an original track. Applicants may be required to attend an interview. Audio students should consider providing at least one mix of a musical work as part of the portfolio. 

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The modern entertainment industry is comprised of many different activities and roles.  At the conclusion of your course you’ll be able to communicate effectively as an audio engineer and demonstrate initiative in a variety of contexts.  You’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to explore a range of career options including: 


  • Studio Recording & Mixing Engineer 
  • Live Concert Engineer 
  • Broadcast Engineer – live, jingles, advertising, voiceovers, outside broadcast 
  • Post Production – Foley and sound effects, ADR 
  • Film & Game Sound Design 
  • Location Sound Recordist 
  • Mastering Engineer 
  • Music Producer 
  • Remixer 
  • Audiovisual Technician 
  • Forensics Sound Engineer 


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To reach your potential as a musician, you need to learn from experts. Explore who you will study under.

Academic Lecturer
Adrian Bolland is one of Australia’s most experienced and celebrated audio experts. As a producer, engineer and mixer, he’s been credited with a long list of hit singles and albums for artists such as The Divinyls, Slim Dusty, The Little River Band, Leo Sayer, Vince Jones, Gangajang, The Rockmelons, Celibate Rifles,  Severed Heads, Margaret Urlich and many others. In 1993 he won the ARIA Award for Engineer of the Year.
Academic Lecturer
Glen Phimister is a highly experienced audio engineer who has worked with some of the greatest artists in Australian and international music. He started his career in the early 70s at London’s legendary Trident Studios, assisting a steady stream of major acts such as Queen, Elton John, David Bowie, and Harry Neilson.
Academic Lecturer
Robert John Sedky is a Melbourne-based musician and composer. While his first passion is composition, he has worked extensively as a session player, producer and solo recording artist.


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The facilities are amazing- we’ve got world class teachers, with world class studios and we get to use equipment that you wouldn’t otherwise get to use. 

Mitch Gilmore
Bachelor of Music Audio

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