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Bachelor of Music (Classical) 075439D
Provider Code PRV12050
CRICOS Provider Code 00665C 


In this course you’ll develop and extend your performance ability through dynamic tuition with classical music masters. You’ll learn to perform in live and recorded settings, both as a soloist and in collaborative ensembles. You’ll immerse yourself in a wide range of traditional and contemporary repertoire and engage with composers, performers and musicians from every program at AIM.  

You’ll study through a combination of one-on-one training, group masterclasses and specialised lectures, tutorials and classes. You’ll learn theoretical and technical skills in all aspects of classical music practice to support you as you progress. You’ll hone your skills through a vast array of elective choices, helping to define your industry readiness. 

At the conclusion of the course, you’ll have an expert knowledge of classical music practice and strong theoretical skills, allowing you to work across diverse classical related environments. You will be able to communicate effectively and demonstrate initiative in wide contexts. 

Major Study: Specialised training and performance practice
Scholarship: Extend your understanding of music theory, history, culture and critique, and enhance your musical ear.
Ensemble: Rehearse, record and perform with a variety of chamber groups
Associated Studies and Electives: Sharpen your focus or explore more 


To apply to study at AIM, you’ll need to provide us with a portfolio of two musical items. This may include any of the following: 

  •  A live performance (to be performed during the interview) 
  • A recorded visual or audio performance 
  • A recorded original composition 
  • A PDF score of an original composition or arrangement 
  • A handwritten score of an original composition or arrangement 
  • An audio mix of a musical work 


Applicants may choose to provide a combination of evidence e.g. a live performance of an existing work and a recording of an original track. Applicants may be required to attend an interview. Classical students should consider performing either live audition works or provide audio/visual performances. 

Would you like to talk about your options for entryEmail us 

The classical music industry is comprised of many different activities and roles. At the conclusion of your course you’ll be able to communicate effectively as a classical musician and demonstrate initiative in a variety of contexts. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to explore a range of career options including: 

  • Professional Instrumentalist 
  • Private Music Tutor 
  • Ensemble Musician 
  • Orchestral Musician 
  • Ensemble Director 
  • Conductor 

Or extend your studies towards: 

  • Master of Music (on campus) 
  • Education 
  • Music Librarian 
  • Music Therapy 
  • Music Journalist 


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To reach your potential as a musician, you need to learn from experts. Explore who you will study under.

Academic Lecturer
Dr. Brieley Cutting is an Australian pianist whose playing has been critically praised for its “myriad of colours” and technical expertise. Throughout her career, she has combined her performing with her work as a piano teacher, academic lecturer, accompanist, artistic director, and artistic researcher.
Academic Lecturer
Dr Wojciech Wisniewski is a pianist, pedagogue and author currently residing in Sydney, Australia. Born in Poland, Wojciech graduated from the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw (Poland) shortly before arriving in Australia in 2004.
Academic Lecturer

Wendy Dixon is a New Zealand-born pianist, cellist and singer.

Wendy began her professional career at the age of 18 as Eve in Haydn’s The Creation. Over the next 11 years in New Zealand, Wendy performed an average of three operas a year, numerous oratorios and concert engagements and national tours as a vocal recitalist.

Academic Lecturer
Australian violinist Wen Zhu was born in China and began learning violin at age five. She was awarded a full scholarship to study at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing before moving to Australia, where she has studied at AIM, Tasmanian Conservatory of Music and the Sydney Conservatorium.
Academic Lecturer
Andrew Smith is a Sydney-based saxophonist at the forefront of classical saxophone in Australia. Andrew was awarded both a B.Mus (Hons) and M.Mus from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
Academic Lecturer
Anton Koch is a composer, arranger and orchestrator with extensive experience in live events, film, TV and recording projects. His credits include ABC TV opera The Divorce, Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley (orchestra conductor), Carols in the Domain, and The Best of Broadway (Sydney Symphony, 2010).
Academic Lecturer
Chloe Chung is an innovative cross-cultural flautist, playing Western classical flute and dizi (Chinese bamboo flute). Her passion for creativity, sustainability and health education are central to her work as an active performer, teacher, and emerging creative director.


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“I see myself with a small piano school, specialising in classical piano; Maybe with 8-10 studios!” 

Kingsley Li
Bachelor of Music - Classical Graduate

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