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Not quite ready for a Bachelor of Music?

Why not start your music career with AIM’s Foundation Program. Specifically designed to prepare you for a Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Entertainment Management at AIM, the Foundation Studies Program provides entry level skills in

· English language
· communication and
· collaboration

Develop your performance skills

The course will help you to hone your performance skills working with industry leading professionals in state of the art facilities! By taking the Foundation Studies Program with AIM you will be:

· part of AIM’s music community
· free to access our amazing facilities in Sydney
· able to collaborate with other musicians
· in contact with music teachers who can help you develop the skills needed to move onto a Bachelor’s degree
· given a guaranteed place in one of AIM’s Bachelors degrees*,
· able to develop the academic, English and music skills you need for future academic and career success!


12 months






CRICOS code: 0100863


CRICOS code: 0100863

The modern music industry comprises many different activities and roles. At the conclusion of your course, you’ll be able to progress onto a Bachelors with AIM enabling you to explore a range of career options depending on your chosen path.  Learn more about how AIM helps you to succeed  View Career Opportunities

The Foundation Program is run over 12 months or 3 Study Periods and is made up of three study areas. These include:

· Music Literacy
· Industry Studies – with a particular focus on Collaborative Music Making
· English language for academic purposes and for use in the creative arts industry

If you successfully complete the Foundation Program you are guaranteed a place in one of AIM’s Bachelors degrees*. These include:

· Bachelor of Music (in Arts Management, Audio, Classical, Composition & Production, Contemporary, Music Theatre)
· Bachelor of Entertainment Management

*Subject to successful completion of the Foundation Program and meeting any audition requirements of the chosen major. 

Available to International students who have completed Australian Year 11 equivalent with 5.5 IELTS or equivalent. If you want to progress to a Bachelors with AIM you will receive a package offer conditional on successful completion of the Foundation Program and if necessary an audition.


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