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6 months to 2 years full-time,
1 year to 4 years part-time



February, May, September


Melbourne, Sydney


Master 098130B


Take your career in music and arts management to an elite level with a Master of Arts and Entertainment Management.  In this course, you’ll translate your undergraduate studies or professional experience into a supervised, structured exploration of your own creative practice within an academic framework.  


In developing your research, analytical and writing skills, as well as critical and creative thinking, you’ll produce a formal research report and become a recognised thought leader in your chosen musical field.   

You will explore, develop and express your creativity through advanced critical thinking, entrepreneurship and innovation that allows you to better navigate the dynamics and ever-changing facets of the arts and entertainment industry. 

You’ll develop your high level professional, leadership, collaboration and global skills with a program that balance robust business strategies with blue sky entrepreneurial thinking; recognising that innovation is key to developing new markets and ways how art and entertainment are consumed. 


Throughout your studies you will be guided and mentored by industry experts who are determined to help you grow as a performer and will support you through your academic research.

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Your postgraduate studies allow you to specialise and further progress in your chosen musical career. They’ll also qualify you for further academic and career options, as well as professional teaching opportunities. 

  • Arts Administrator 
  • Entertainment Manager 
  • Venue Manager/Director 
  • Publishing Manager/Director 
  • Label Manager/Director 
  • Arts Marketing Manager 

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MAEM Course Plan


Chose one from the following elective units:  

  • M5MAEM11 Cultivating Creativity
  • M5MAEM12 Event Management
  • M5MAEM13 Big Data Analysis
  • M5MAEM14 Talent Management
  • M5MAEM15 Venue Management
  • M5RM01 Creative Arts Research Methodologies  

Applicants with Tertiary Study 


  • To be eligible for admission into the Postgraduate Music program on the basis of tertiary (HE) studies, you need to have completed : 
  • A Bachelor of Music Degree, or 
  • Non-music bachelor degree with relevant musical professional practice experience. 
  • An international equivalent 

To be eligible for admission into the 
postgraduates Arts and Entertainment Management program on the basis of tertiary (HE) studies, applicants must have completed (or its overseas equivalent as assessed by DET): 

  • A Bachelor of Arts and Entertainment Management (or equivalent), or 
  • A bachelor degree in a related field, with 1 year relevant work experience

Applicants with work and life experience

Applicants without tertiary qualifications may be granted admission to the postgraduate program by the Executive Dean of Academic Affairs or nominee on the basis of extensive relevant work experience and demonstrated potential to undertake the program of study and to achieve course learning outcome. 

All applicants must meet additional requirements including English language proficiency, submission of a portfolio, and participation in an audition process and interview (which can be online). 

Applicants may be eligible for credit transfer or recognition of prior learning for their tertiary studies including completed or partially completed Higher Education awards. Specified credit will be granted towards specific units of an AIM postgraduate course on the basis of prior learning in a completed or partially completed HE course if it is assessed to be comparable in terms of learning outcomes, volume of learning, content and learning and assessment approaches. Applicants should submit an Application for Recognition of Prior Learning together with all required supporting documentary evidence. 

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To reach your potential as a musician, you need to learn from experts. Explore who you will study under.

  • Dr. Gary Holgate

    Head of Learning and Teaching

    gary holgate

    Gary is a highly qualified music academic and a seasoned musician. As an upright and electric bass player, he has performed and recorded with many jazz artists including Kevin Hunt, Grace Knight, Bill Risby, Joy Yates and Dave Macrae, and a guest solo on Plini’s ‘Wombat Astronaut’

    Read More
  • Dr. David Fenton

    Academic Lecturer

    david fenton

    Dr. David Fenton is a highly credentialled and experienced theatre director, creative industries executive and academic. He’s the Associate Head of Learning and Teaching for all Post Graduate programs at AIM.

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  • Dr. Georgia Luikens

    Academic Lecturer

    Dr Georgia Luikens earned undergraduate degrees from the University of New South Wales (Sydney) in Music followed by a Masters and PhD in Musicology from Brandeis University in the USA, where she also taught.

    Read More
  • Dr. Katy Alexander

    Academic Lecturer

    dr katy alexander

    With a two-decade career in the arts, media and entertainment industries, Katy Alexander has professional experience as a director, producer, and arts manager. Katy holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from the University of Sydney and a PhD in Creative Practice from UNSW.  In her early career, Katy was involved with founding and launching if: inside film magazine. She subsequently worked as Entertainment Research […]

    Read More

“The lecturers at AIM are definitely top notch. They have a really great range of backgrounds which makes learning a lot more interesting, because you are learning from people who are coming from different parts of the industry you might not know much about” 

Desiree Mccann
Masters of Arts & Entertainment Management

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Website Prospectus
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