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The Undergraduate Certificate in Music and Arts Management will teach you essential business skills in music management, as well as broadening your management skill sets and further your career opportunities. 

The program is delivered fully online. 

You can study in your own time:  With a range of online study options you can learn anytime that suits you. 

Study now, pay later: with 100% of tuition available through FEE-HELP (for Australian citizens), you can study now for no upfront cost. 

100% course credit: if you are able to continue your studies with any of our Bachelor degrees, your Undergraduate Certificate will count as credit.  


The Undergraduate certificates are completed in 2 study periods, each comprising 12 weeks of delivery and two weeks of assessments. For successful completion of the award, candidates must complete a total of 24 credit points: 

  • 12 credit points completed in the first study period. 
  • 12 credit points completed in the second study period. 


Choose 3 Electives from any of the available options below to shapeyour own degree:  

Management Electives 

  • Artist and Repertoire Management (2 Credit Points) 
  • Making Money in the Music Industry (2 Credit Points) 


  • Bass Skills 1 (2 Credit Points) 
  • Drum Skills 1 (2 Credit Points) 
  • Guitar Skills 1 (2 Credit Points) 
  • Keyboard Skills 1 (2 Credit Points) 
  • Vocal Skills 1 (2 Credit Points) 


Production Electives 

  • Visual Media & Design Skills (2 Credit Points) 
  • Digital Audio Workstation 1 (2 Credit Points) 


The qualification is available for domestic students  who: 

  • Have completed year 12 or equivalent at secondary level; and/or,
  • Have a VET qualification at AQF Level 3 or 4; and, 
  • Satisfy the minimum English language entry requirements; or 
  • You are a mature age student (over 21) 


Would you like to talk about your options for entryEmail us enquiries@aim.edu.au 

The modern music industry is comprised of many different activities and roles.  At the conclusion of your course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to explore a range of career options including: 

  • A&R  
  • Artist manager 
  • Booking Agent 
  • Concert, Tour or Festival staff member 
  • Entertainment Publicist  
  • Event Manager 
  • Marketing & Sales 
  • Music Publisher 
  • Recording Artist 
  • Venue Manager  


 Learn more about how AIM helps you to succeed  View Career Opportunities


Call our admissions team on 02 9219 5444 or 03 8610 4241

or email us at enquiries@aim.edu.au

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