~8 weeks



February, May, July, October



Melbourne, Sydney





Ages 12 to 17


$1200 per term


The AIM Young Studio is our Saturday school for gifted and talented students which offers beginner, intermediate and advanced training for young people between the ages of 12 to 17.

If you are an instrumentalist or vocalist keen to specialise in music performance, this course is for you.

Young Musician is available to beginner, intermediate and advanced students who are looking to develop technique, skills and confidence as a music performer specialising in either contemporary or classical music (classical available in Sydney only).

This program allows students to develop and extend their skills in a group setting, working with our industry experts.

This program includes a weekly:

  • one-hour individual lesson,
  • one-hour composition class
  • one-hour music theory class; and a  
  • two-hour performance practice class that includes ensemble opportunities and rehearsals towards an end of term performance in one of AIM’s performance venues.


Term 2 1 May – 19 June
Term 3 24 July – 11 September
Term 4  16 October – 4 December


Call our admissions team on 02 9219 5444 or 03 8610 4241

or email us at

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