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  • In this course you’ll develop and extend your performance ability through dynamic tuition with classical music masters. You’ll learn to perform in live and recorded settings, both as a soloist and in collaborative ensembles.

  • Launch your career journey in the music industry with a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary) at AIM. This course is perfect if you’re an instrumentalist or vocalist looking to take your technical, performance and musicianship skills to a professional level. The degree combines core topics such as theory, musicianship, arts management and recording to help you develop your knowledge and technical ability.


    Melbourne, Sydney

    Take your career in music to an elite level with a Master of Music degree. In this course, you’ll translate your undergraduate studies or professional experience into a supervised, structured exploration of your own creative practice within an academic framework.

  • Get ready for your upcoming practical HSC (Music 1 and Music 2) exams with this 1-Day workshop intensive. Students will work closely with industry professionals across the day and participate in a performance analysis workshop, an individual masterclass and a mock exam, all designed to build confidence for performing live under exam conditions.

  • The Music Factory 2-Day Workshop is full of face-to-face practical sessions focused on individual and ensemble music performance, taught by AIM’s professional staff. As a collaborative 2-day experience, young musicians will work with instrument specialists on individual and collective exercises and engage in masterclasses and ensemble sessions to learn techniques and get valuable feedback.

  • Bass Skills 1 is a 5-week beginner program which explores bass and gives new players the opportunity to develop foundation skills through practical activities. You will learn rudimentary-level bass techniques, and an intro to rock and blues basslines towards being able to play a basic accompaniment.