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  • In this beginner course, participants will learn the important chords needed to play many songs, develop skills in common strumming patterns and learn to accompany a voice or melodic instruments.  If you have no prior knowledge, but a real interest in learning to play the guitar, this is the perfect starting point for you.

  • AIM Singers is a community choir, designed for anyone who has a desire to experience the exhilaration of group singing. AIM Singers aims to build an open community of individuals, whilst developing a broad and eclectic repertoire including pop, jazz, world and gospel music.

  • In this three hour seminar, you’ll learn valuable information from a range of music industry experts with decades of experience. Participants will learn how to navigate the complex music industry landscape; you’ll learn where the money is generated in a 21st century digital world and the essential skills needed to succeed in the business.

  • In this  introductory course, participants will explore the basic operations of Ableton Live and discover the fundamentals of creating music in one of the world’s most popular digital audio workstations. Topics include an introduction to MIDI and the DAW, the fundamentals of audio recording, software instruments,  audio editing, processing and mixing.

  • This exciting new course is designed for developing producers and composers to help to energise their musical works using technology and creativity. The course focuses on 5 key areas of production: Creating your sonic identity, practical sound design, creative environments, thinking outside the box and mastering cohesion.

  • This is a 5-week beginner course for adults that takes the student through the fundamental key areas of music theory and harmony. Students with no theoretical knowledge wishing to take any other AIM short courses are encouraged to take the Music Theory Skills 1 course as a precursor.

  • Composing for Songwriters is a 5-week program for adults (16 years and over), introducing participants to the fundamentals of composition including: rhythmic patterns, common and useful chord progressions, melody writing and song analysis. Music theory is explored in context.

  • Vocal Skills 1 is a 5 week beginner program for adults (16 years and over), designed to develop good vocal technique through a variety of exercises, focusing on warming up, posture, breath control, vocal health, intonation and harmonising with others.  You’ll receive an introduction to major scales, intervals, vocal harmony and more.  We’ll also work on an ensemble piece together.