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  • Build their music production skills with Digital Audio Workstation software in this practical two-day workshop. Students will learn about the basic design and functionality of DAWs using Logic software, gain knowledge about importing/exporting standard music and audio file formats and get practical experience in some basic recording, editing and mixing techniques.

  • Ableton Skills 2 is a 5-week intermediate program designed to build on the techniques introduced in the Ableton 1 course or for those looking to take their electronic music production skills to the next level. This course is geared towards users who already have experience using the software or are looking to transition to Live from another DAW, and have general experience creating music in other programs.

  • Ableton Skills 1 is a 5 week beginner program that introduces you to the basic operations of Ableton Live and offers a great introduction to the fundamentals of creating music in one of the world's most popular digital audio workstations. You will learn the basic operations of Ableton Live and gain some rudimentary knowledge and skills towards recording and editing Audio/MIDI files.