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Ignite your artistic passion at Australia’s leading independent music school. Secure your place at AIM before your Year 12 exams and start dreaming about your music career today!

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If you’re passionate about music, we’re the place for you. We’ve been supporting and nurturing talented artists for over 55 years. Apply for early entry to benefit from world-class education, expert teachers and mentors, and endless opportunities.

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Early Entry 2025 Application Form

Early Entry 2025 Application Form
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How Does it Work?

When you apply for Early Entry you can audition and secure your place to study at AIM in 2025 before you sit your Year 12 exams. This is available only to domestic school leavers. 

Apply for Early Entry

Choose your preferred course, and submit your Early Entry Application Form today. You don’t need an ATAR to do this. 

Audition or submit your portfolio

An AIM Course Advisor will contact you to organise your audition or portfolio submission. We’ll let you know the outcome, and confirm we’re holding your place at AIM before you start your exams.

Apply through VTAC or UAC

Knowing you have a place at AIM, submit your application to study through UAC (for NSW students) and VTAC (for VIC students).

Accept your AIM offer

Congratulations! After your exams, you’ll receive your unconditional AIM offer from UAC or VTAC.

Start your music journey!

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Our courses are designed to provide you with the versatile skillset and industry connections required to excel in the music and entertainment industries.  Be the artist of tomorrow.