Sparkfest 2021

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Australia has a rich history of entrepreneurship in the music industry and innovative Australian companies are starting to break through on the global stage. Sparkfest will introduce some of the Aussie music industry’s most forward-thinking investors who are backing the next generation of music tech start up founders. Meet the boundary-breaking thought leaders investing in the future of music.

When we think of music startups, our minds often run first to record labels, the publishers and the touring companies. While Australia has produced incredibly successful local labels (e.g. Mushroom Group and UNIFIED), publishing firms (e.g. Alberts) and world-leading touring companies (e.g. Frontier and Chugg Entertainment), the future of the industry is emerging from tech-focused founders. Interestingly, the main source of local investment is coming from UNIFIED, Mushroom Group and Alberts (now an impact investment firm) who are all throwing the ladder back down to those with the right ideas to shape tomorrow’s industry.

In recent years we’ve seen incredible successes such as ASX-listed Jaxsta, Blackbird-backed Nura Headphones, world-beating RODE Microphones, Songtradr ($66m Series D), We Are Hunted (sold to Twitter) and AirTree-backed LinkTree growing with support from local funding sources.  Sadly, there are countless examples of successful companies that need to get their start overseas with misconceptions clouding the understanding of much of the investment community.

Join us for a session that will explore the hidden opportunity in one of the world’s most exciting industries and meet the players who are changing the game for our local founders. 

The program includes talks and panels with:

  • Jaddan Comerford – CEO of UNIFIED
  • David Alberts – Group CEO of Alberts
  • Gavin Parry – Chairman of Fairphonic (ex-Sony Music exec)
  • Stephen Hunt – Founder of the AIM iHub and co-founder of Music Health (ex-Universal Music exec)
  • Tristonne Forbes – Expert-in-residence at the AIM iHub
  • Gemma Colbran – CEO of dARTbase
  • Nicc Johnson – CEO of Music Health
  • Sean Gardner – Co-founder of Blockchain Music and Emanate


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Industry Event, Information Session

Date & TIme

14 Oct 21
11:00am – 12:30pm


Online stream

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