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Nic Cecire

Academic Lecturer

Nic Cecire is an in-demand drummer and educator based in Sydney. He has a resume of stage, recording and screen credits to match any professional musician working in Australia today. 

Nic’s work in pop and rock includes playing with headlining artists such as Wendy Mathews, The Whitlams, Jenny Morris, Boy George/Culture Club, Glenn Shorrock, Grace Knight, Rhonda Burchmore and Christine Anu. He has also worked with jazz vocalists (Tina Harrod, Lily Dior, Trish Delaney Brown, and more) as well as jazz bands including the Catholics, Mike Nock, Greg Coffin Trio, Darren Heinrich Trio, Jeremy Sawkins, Adam Miller, and many others. 

Nic has performed on a number of movie and TV soundtracks including David Wenham’s Ellipsis (music by Megan Washington), Chocolate Oyster and The Great Mint Swindle (score by Jim Mogine of Midnight Oil). 

Nic tours and records with the award-winning children’s music group Lah Lah’s Big Live Band. In 2013 he performed in the premier of the audio/visual Wordless at the Sydney Opera House, presented by Art Spiegelman with music composed by Phillip Johnston.  

nick cecire

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