Wendy Dixon

Academic Lecturer

Wendy Dixon is a New Zealand-born pianist, cellist and singer.

Wendy began her professional career at the age of 18 as Eve in Haydn’s The Creation. Over the next 11 years in New Zealand, Wendy performed an average of three operas a year, numerous oratorios and concert engagements and national tours as a vocal recitalist. She also recorded extensively for the National Broadcaster, known then as NZBC. 

Moving to Australia to accept offers from both Opera Australia and Victoria State Opera, Wendy rapidly established herself as a major talent. She has performed over 40 major operatic roles, all the major oratorios and concert repertoire as well as acquiring an extensive recital repertoire. She also maintains an active performing schedule as a founding member of Grevillea Ensemble.  

Wendy’s passion for singing has broadened into a passion for sharing singing through the art of teaching. Since 2000 she has made a career as a teacher of singing, an adjudicator, a vocal coach, an examiner and a curator of programs for singers offering performance opportunities for singers of a wide range of expertise.  

wendy dixon