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  • Remembering Chris Murphy

    Industry loses a legend.


    • General News
    chris murphy,inxs

    19 Jan 21

    On Saturday, Australian music lost one of its most famous and successful music managers. His name was Chris Murphy. His greatest discovery? Australia's iconic INXS. My relationship with Chris began in 1980.

  • Mark Dadic, Universal A&R: My Music Career & AIM

    A Q&A with successful alumni.


    • Life after AIM

    20 Jan 21

    We spoke to two AIM graduates to get a real vibe on what AIM did for them. Mark Dadic is a Marketing and A&R Manager at Universal Music. Matthew Tinkler is a composer and lecturer at AIM.

  • Can the Music Industry Survive the Global Pandemic?

    We will rise up, again.


    • Industry Insights

    20 Jan 21

    From the very outset, the global COVID-19 pandemic has been an unmitigated disaster for the music industry. The stories of cancelled music festivals, tours and gigs of all sizes have reverberated around the world.

  • Industry Insights: New Season in 2021

    2021's Killer lineup of guests.


    • Industry Insights

    20 Jan 21

    AIM Industry Insights is our exclusive series of industry talks featuring the heavyweights and thought leaders of Australian music. Hosted by Ed St John, it is simulcast on YouTube and filmed at AIM's Sydney campus.