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  • Poppy Reid, Managing Editor of The Brag Media on making space & mental health

    make your dream job happen.


    • Industry Insights
    poppy reid industry insights

    3 Mar 21

    Poppy discusses her incredible career in the music media, creating space for young women, mental health, identifying your mentors and more in this deep dive podcast.

  • AIM Alumni Ellen Mara’s New Tune

    Soaring vocalist releases debut.


    • Life after AIM
    Ellen Mara News

    1 Mar 21

    singer/songwriter and AIM graduate Ellen Mara has just released her blissful first single, "Come In To Love." Here's the story of the soulful tune she's put her heart into.

  • AIM’s Backstage Pass: School Excursion



    • Applying to AIM
    • General News
    • Life at AIM
    Aim Backstage Pass

    23 Feb 21

    AIM Backstage Pass: School Excursion provides secondary music students with a taste of tertiary study at the Australian Institute of Music with four hours of enjoyable activities at AIM.

  • Meet our Indigenous Scholarship winner

    His studio of the future.


    • General News
    • Life at AIM
    Liam Devine

    19 Feb 21

    Liam Devine is the recipient of Australian Institute of Music’s first ever Indigenous scholarship. He sees his degree at AIM as his first step towards his own studio.