5 Tips for a Career as a Music Artist

The music industry has come back with full force after the global pandemic and it’s currently experiencing a skills shortage – in some areas, there are more job opportunities than people to fill them.  Now is a great time to make a career in music.

For an artist wanting to make it in the music business, the idea of a portfolio career – one where you leverage your strongest skills and build competence in new areas to generate a profitable livelihood – is the ultimate dream.

Here are 5 tips on how to set yourself up as a music artist.

Lean into learning

If you’re really passionate about music and want to create a professional future, set yourself up with strong foundations. 

Getting a music qualification will help you develop your craft, build relevant skills and open the doors to a career in the industry. 

You’ll be nurtured to explore your potential and learn to believe in yourself as a trained professional. 

As you go on in your career, there will always be something new to add to your arsenal. Whether it’s on-the-job training or a short course to help take your craft to the next level, remain curious and open to opportunity.

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Be confident in your strengths and know when to delegate

It’s important to know what you bring to the table as an artist and to develop the areas you’re less good at, but remember that you can’t do it all at once. 

Knowing when to outsource a task to someone who is better equipped to deliver it will help you in your career. 

For example, you might be great at finding gigs but you might need support on promoting your upcoming show. It’s never been easier to tap into help with the wide range of freelancing sites available. 

Get savvy with the business side

It pays to think of yourself as a business where your craft is both the product and service. 

Knowing how to sign up for an ABN  – it only takes five minutes! – and knowing about different business structures will take you a long way. 

As any kind of creative person, everything that you do will always have some level of discomfort before you become really good at it. 

Even if you lean on professional advice in this area, it pays to familiarise yourself with the helpful online government resources.

Nurture your network to continue opening doors 

The relationships you create and nurture at university – whether with lecturers or people in your class – are vital to your success. 

Many students at AIM get their first big breakthrough a class project, industry internship, or even a conversation in a corridor. A positive outcome on that first opportunity often opens the door to many others. 

Remember to be nice to everyone you work with – the industry is a small community where people talk. A good reputation will get you far. 

Be curious and open to innovation

The last three years have seen a lot of change in the music industry. 

When live music took a hit through the pandemic, artists and music industry professionals learned to capitalise on tools like social media to engage and build audiences virtually.  

Music is quickly breaking a new frontier with innovations like virtual concerts and multi-sensory music experiences. 

Tune in to developments in this area and be open to opportunities to deliver your craft in new and exciting ways. 

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