AIM launches It’s Raining Mentors, a new music podcast

The Australian Institute of Music (AIM) is delighted to announce the launch of our new music mentor podcast, “It’s Raining Mentors.” The show is hosted by iconic independent musicians Josh Pyke and Elana Stone and is presented by AIM and our media partner, Music Feeds.

In the first series of fortnightly “It’s Raining Mentors” podcasts, Josh and Elana will deliver insightful interviews, with crucial insights and refreshing perspectives that every musician and music fan will want to hear. The show delves into the complexities of record labels, booking agents, the live scene and much more in candid discussions with key industry figures.

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It’s Raining Mentors co-host Josh Pyke says the lack of guidance he received as a fledgling musician played a huge role in putting the show together. “When I started out, there was really no one to talk to about being a musician, or pursuing a career in the industry,” he explains. “So part of the motivation for doing this was to give access [to the show’s mentors] for emerging musicians and emerging industry people. But the show is also for people that have been doing it for a while and want to get their version of events either confirmed or denied,” he laughs.
Listen to the first episode of “It’s Raining Mentors” on Spotify Podcasts

During the creation of the show, podcast co-host Elana Stone was stoked to develop a deeper understanding of the universal experience of those who dedicate their life to music.  “Growing up, I always felt like there was a bit of an “us and them” separation between artists and industry. And the more I’ve worked in the music industry, the more I’ve realised that we’re all in it together,” she says. “There’s a lot of crossover,” she says, referencing the artists who join the industry and those that start out in the business but become artists themselves. “Everyone is in it because they genuinely love music,” she adds. 

“It’s Raining Mentors” is a show dedicated to providing some optimism for an industry that has arguably endured its most difficult era over the course of the pandemic. “I want listeners to walk away with a sense that a career in music is not as unattainable as they might have thought,” Josh says. “I just want listeners to come out with a sense of hope, because I think it’s been a pretty hopeless time in history. Our industry has been massively affected and impacted, but there’s still people creating a lot of art. And I want people to listen to this podcast with a sense that there are still people out there wanting to back up and wanting to be involved in art from a professional point of view.”

Meet the hosts of “It’s Raining Mentors,” Josh Pyke and Elana Stone (Video Interview)

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