AIM’s 2030 Records: Official Launch Party

2030 Records is AIM’s student-run record label that boasts an arsenal of incredible and diverse artists. Conceived mid-pandemic, the label officially launched in June 2022 with an amazing evening of music performed by 2030 artists hosted at AIM Sydney’s Amphitheatre Stage. The launch was a night buzzing with energy, a long-awaited moment to celebrate a label designed as a springboard to launch AIM’s most exciting musicians. All images captured by Ari Ridge @ari.ridgemedia.

2030 records rah

Rah kicked off the night with his soaring vocals and earthen guitar playing. “Rah is the newest artist to sign with the label. We’re getting ready to release his first single,” 2030 Records Head of Marketing and Label Coordinator Bridget Heazlewood explains. “Rah takes a classic approach to American rock and country. If you saw him perform at our event, you would’ve seen that he is also a talented guitarist!”

2030 Records’ own pop queen Gia Darcy took the energy up a notch with a rousing rendition of her new single, “Falling Behind” (which she recently performed live on Channel 7’s Sunrise) and a handful of other tunes. “One of the things that makes Gia special, aside from her impressive vocals, is her infectious positive energy – she always has a smile on her face no matter what!” Bridget laughs.

2030 records gia

Outer Water is an alternative/indie-rock producer and multi-instrumentalist who has been with the label since the beginning. He took the stage at the 2030 launch to showcase his exceptional acoustic guitar abilities, unique voice and deeply personal lyrics. “What I admire about Outer Water is his work ethic, his gentle soul and his continuous passion for music,” Bridget says.


Rounding out the evening’s festivities was riddo. performing live. riddo. is a member of the 2030 Creative Network of artists and producers and an A&R representative for 2030 Records. He played a suite of songs with infectious hooks, mad beats and original vocal stylings (not to mention some killer dance moves).   

2030 records riddo birdee

Ending the evening with a powerful bang, 2030 Records’ guest artist Birdee alongside riddo performed “Serotonin” (by riddo, featuring Birdee), a performance that tore down the house. “This is a special project between independent artists riddo. and Birdee, to have 2030 release their single,” Bridget says.

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