Choosing a Yamaha S7X Grand Piano: VIDEO

The Australian Institute of Music’s stunning new Yamaha S7X Grand Piano was selected from two pianos at the Yamaha Piano Centre in Melbourne for AIM’s new Sydney campus. Associate Head of Learning and Teaching, accomplished pianist Greg Coffin, played the two potential pianos at the Centre to make the decision. Watch the video of this moment, below.

“The S7x piano is a handmade piano formulated in the same facility as the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Pianos,” Greg explains. “It’s a beautiful instrument; the depth of the tone and the colours make it well-suited to chamber music (primarily acoustic). This will also serve any Contemporary student and meet the needs of really demanding Classical Music programs as well,” he continues.

The new S7X Grand Piano will be placed in The Space on the sixth floor of the AIM Sydney campus. It will be utilised by students across AIM’s departments, from Contemporary, Composition through to our Classical cohort. 

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