“It’s Raining Mentors” Podcast: GYROstream

Getting your music out there for streaming is crucial for any artist. Discoverability is everything. In this month’s episode of the “It’s Raining Mentors” podcast, Josh Pyke and Elana Stone talk to Andy Irvine of GYROstream, an Australian company dedicated to helping Australian musicians with the technical side of uploading their music onto all streaming platforms. Listen to the podcast on on Apple Podcasts or Spotify Podcasts (or at the link below).

Musicians aren’t able to upload their songs directly to streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify; they need a company like GYROstream to act as the bridge between their music and being found on these crucial spaces. Because, as we all know, streaming is where most people devour their tunes. This episode of the “It’s Raining Mentors” podcast is a great opportunity to learn more about this whole process, which can be daunting!

GYROstream was set up to cater specifically to Australian artists keen on getting their music heard around the world. “It was important for us to offer an educational point of view. We wanted to be able to help artists by demystifying the streaming landscape. We also wanted to help artists understand how playlists and algorithms work,” Andy Irvine told Josh and Elana. 

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