Meet Arvinder “Rebel Gem” Singh: Composer & AIM Graduate

Arvinder Singh (Rebel Gem) is a music composer/director, producer, singer and a graduate of AIM’s Composition course. We caught up with Arvinder to learn more about his musical experiences and lessons learned during his time at AIM and post-graduation.

What drew you to AIM and what were the best parts of your experience here?

Arvinder: It was my passion that drew me towards AIM. I always wanted to learn new stuff about music and AIM was the perfect choice for me to achieve a platform for my music internationally. 

The best part of AIM was the music itself. Before AIM happened, I always wanted to explore the vastness of music and experiment with other genres. AIM made it happen for me and being a part of it has been one of the best experiences of my life. 

How was your creativity and approach transformed at AIM? 

Arvinder: My creativity and approach were transformed after getting to know Western music. It filled up several missing pieces in my music – I was able to create a fusion between classical and Western styles. I learnt a lot about other genres like jazz, and learned about the history of sound production amongst other things. Overall, it was a huge transformation for me and my creative side. 

What’s been your best “pinch yourself” moment so far?

Arvinder: Honestly, every single day is a ‘pinch yourself’ moment for me. I had never ever imagined that a village boy from India would be creating music at an international level. It’s mind boggling. Life and music never cease to surprise me. 

What are the three most important lessons you’ve learned so far?

Arvinder: Never stop believing in yourself. 

Nothing is impossible. 

Patience and hard work are the solution to every problem.

Who were the collaborators at AIM that made it most worthwhile along the way?

Arvinder: I have been really lucky to get to know some amazing artists who have affected me a lot. These include: Master Salem, Sunidhi Chauhan, Ravinder Grewal, Harp farmer, yakoob, Mushu1, Shorty mic, Charm, Uneven studios. I was really excited and felt proud when Brett Rosenberg (AIM teacher) contributed his classy magical fingers into my projects, and yes I would like to thank Zak Harris for his contribution as a collaborator. 

What’s coming up next that you’re working on?

Arvinder: I am working on so many projects right now that it’s hard to name one. Very recently, I released a new song ‘Faasle’ and had a great experience. As I am not stuck to one genre, I am always busy with my projects. At the moment, working on some Bollywood/Panjabi tracks, aiming to win ARIAs for Australia. Keeps me on my toes to work harder and smarter to achieve it. 

A YouTube playlist of Arvinder Singh’s western music projects.

What were the biggest stumbling blocks you overcame?

Arvinder:  As a beginner, I had a really hard time grasping things such as reading sheet music or remixing etc. But I took my time with new things and I was always patient with myself. Hence, some hard work and dedication finally helped me overcome these difficulties.

What do you think are the personal qualities needed for your job?

Arvinder: I personally feel everyone who is in my line of work needs to be crazy about their passion and love their craft. One should always be willing to go up and beyond to achieve their dreams. They should be patient and tirelessly focused. 

What’s the hardest part of the composer’s job, in your opinion?

Arvinder: The hardest part of my job is the music. It’s also hard getting time for myself or my family. 

What’s the best part of the job?

Arvinder: The best part of the job is … again, music. To put it simply … No music, no life.

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