3 November 2022

Nick Weaver’s Incredible Post-Humous Album

Nick Weaver


Nick Weaver (ex-Deep Sea Arcade, Tambourine Girls) was a beloved AIM alumni and ex-staff member who sadly passed away last year at the young age of 37. Nick’s beautiful post-humous album “Won’t Let Go” is a remarkable testament to his talents. The almost completed album was lovingly finalised by friends and family after his death in order to solidify his legacy and share his unique musical perspective with the world.

“Won’t Let Go” is a very personal refection of Nick’s artistic soul. He sang and played every instrument except drums on the exceptional record. “Nick’s creativity never ceased to astonish me. This solo album is heart-wrenchingly beautiful, songs that stay fixed in your head,” his mother Helen Wellings said.

Nick is best known as the founder of Australian indie rock band Deep Sea Arcade, who toured the globe extensively during their tenure between 2010 and 2019, playing alongside Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Kaiser Chiefs, Cloud Control, Modest Mouse, Temples and The Charlatans to name a few. He was also the bassist/guitarist and co-writer of the Tambourine Girls.

Stream Nick Weaver’s “Won’t Let Go” here, and access physical (vinyl and CD) copies of the album here.

Christina Rowatt

Christina Rowatt

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