Sounds of Sustainability: Turning Construction Sites Into Sound Art

The Sounds of Sustainability Project is a multi-site/intra-institutional multimedia art project that transforms sustainable commercial worksites into living, moving, sounding artworks. 

Initiated by Dr Ivan Zavada and the University of Sydney, The Australian Institute of Music’s contribution to the ongoing collaborative effort saw our Bachelor of Music (Composition and Production) students (led by lecturer Mark Olivero) capture the sounds of construction as AIM’s new Sydney campus was built earlier this year. Using these found sounds as source material for their art, AIM students created fixed and interactive multimedia works featuring music, sound, still and moving images. 

“Our students used handheld recording gear to move about the space and hunt for interesting sounds and sights,” AIM lecturer Mark Olivero explains. “The challenge was to capture as much as possible, as [the students] never knew what would translate into the catalyst for a multimedia project!” he adds. “I was impressed with how efficiently and effectively they were able to turn ‘found sound’ into sick beats! Or engaging moving images.”

We caught up with several of the students involved in the project to chat about the experience. Watch the video above.

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