21 March 2023

Stefanie Jones Delivers A Musical Theatre Masterclass At AIM

music theatre masterclass

Students learned from Australia's Mary Poppins.

A big advantage of AIM is student-access to leading performers in the industry. 

Recently, Music Theatre students from AIM Melbourne learned from Stefanie Jones.

Stefanie’s music theatre credits include Rhonda in Muriel’s Wedding, Liesl von Trapp in The Sound of Music, Jean MacLaren in Brigadoon, and of course, Mary Poppins.

stefanie jones mary poppins australia
Stephanie Jones as Mary Poppins. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

“There would be no show without a magnetic Mary, and Stefanie Jones is certainly that… She’s the automatic focus whenever she’s on stage.”

John Shand, Music Critic, The Sydney Morning Herald

Stefanie mentored students with performance tips and tricks, sharing stories from her remarkable career, with added guidance on working in today’s industry.

Here’s what happened during the masterclass… 

Stephanie Jones Reveals Insider Lessons

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Stefanie Jones showing off the straw technique in AIM Melbourne Peter Calvo Auditorium.

A performer’s task is tough. They have to sing, dance, and work the stage while weaving gracefully through a fast-changing set. It’s hard work, yet it has to seem effortless to the audience.

Students learned new practice and performance techniques like:

  • How to use a straw to control your breath
  • Using the ‘straw technique’ to support sustained notes
  • How to find the best vocal resonance by lying flat on the floor
  • Insider tips to deal with your nerves quick, and turn them to your advantage
  • Promoting yourself in the industry and landing gigs

There’s nothing like getting advice from a performer you look up to. 

What’s more, students were inspired with confidence. Interacting with Stephanie proved it’s possible to build a fulfilling career in music theatre – and with proper guidance, follow in her footsteps to star in leading productions. 

Finally, students performed for Stefanie and got direct professional feedback.

Here’s What Music Theatre Students Had To Say

“I literally just sang and performed in front of one of my IDOLS.”

“I learnt that straws are magical for freeing up the vocal cords and that rib reserve can allow better breath control in clothing that constricts the diaphragm.”

“It was so inspiring and encouraging to see everyone’s voices evolve and unlock in such a short time span under the correct guidance.”

“I also learnt how to view the creative industry and my future career in a way that will allow me to have a healthy relationship with it.”

Musical theatre class
In-person masterclass with Mary Poppins’ Stephanie Jones.

About AIM’s Music Theatre Classes

AIM’s music theatre classes help students master the ‘triple skill set’ – singing, dancing and acting. 

Students can choose a specialised practice and integrate their singing and acting skills with one-on-one tuition. Throughout the course, they hone their craft under industry professionals like Stephen Grey and Joanna Allen from the Melbourne campus; and Sam Mudie, Paul Geddes, and David McLeod from the Sydney campus. All lecturers remain involved in the industry as stage directors, choreographers, mentors, and more.

Want The Skills To Thrive In Today’s Music Industry?

Every part of AIM’s curriculum helps students build careers and thrive in today’s music industry. 

Students have ongoing opportunities to network with current and veteran music industry professionals, which brings a unique advantage in securing professional gigs in popular venues. 

If you‘re looking for a place to study theatre, find how AIM can help by applying below. 

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