Why AIM School Holiday Workshops are Music to Your Ears

Hello holiday adventurers and aspiring maestros… Are you ready to dive into the world of melody and rhythm, and make your school break a memorable one? AIM’s school holiday workshops are here to sprinkle some magic into your break. Whether you’re a budding Beethoven or the next electronic music prodigy, our workshops have something extraordinary for you. Let’s talk about why these workshops will be the highlight of your school break.

1. Perform Like a Pro: The Ultimate Music Performance Workshop

AIM’s music performance workshop is your golden ticket to tips, tricks, and overall improvement that will be hugely advantageous in your remaining school year/s. Designed for high school students from Years 9 to 12, the workshops offer an incredible chance to learn, practice, and perform contemporary and classic hits.

In 2024, you’ll work alongside AIM alumni and professional session musicians, Gian Timothy Gho and Noa Kidd. They’ll help you hone your skills in rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and more. By the end of the workshop, you and your new music mates for the day will be ready to surprise your family and friends with a mini concert showcasing all the amazing things you’ve learned.

Top Reasons to Join the AIM Performance Workshop!

  • Hands-on Experience: Get the feel of performing live with expert feedback.
  • Skill Development: Improve your chart reading, ensemble communication, and improvisation.
  • Creativity and Fun: Collaborate with fellow students to create a killer setlist.
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded young musicians and mentors.

2. Unleash Your Inner Songwriter: The Songwriting Workshop

AIM’s songwriting workshop is your chance to turn dreams into reality. Also aimed at high school students from Years 9 to 12, this workshop provides a nurturing environment where you can explore the art of songwriting with the help of professional songwriter/composer/producers, Justyn Angel Ball and Bronte Maree O’Neill.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll delve into the world of harmony, melody, and lyricism. You’ll learn how to write dynamic and engaging original music from chord progression to hook, how to use inspiration and analysis to cure writer’s block, and most importantly, how to express your unique artistic voice. By the end, you and your peers will have crafted original songs that you’ll get to perform in front of an audience.

Top Reasons to Join the Songwriting Workshop

  • Creative Expression: Discover and hone your songwriting style.
  • Professional Guidance: Work with industry pros to refine your craft.
  • Performance Opportunity: Showcase your original music to family and friends.
  • Collaborative Environment: Work with other talented young songwriters.

3. Get Techy with Tunes: The Electronic Music Workshop

Are you fascinated by the beats and sounds of electronic music? AIM’s electronic music workshop is the perfect playground for tech-savvy music lovers in Years 9 to 12. Over two electrifying days, you’ll learn how to create, record, mix, and perform electronic music with the guidance of AIM’s audio industry professionals.

You’ll dive into Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), mastering the basics of sound design, arranging, and mixing. From capturing and manipulating sounds to creating beats from scratch, you’ll get hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art facilities. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have your very own electronic track ready to blow everyone’s minds.

Top Reasons to Join the Electronic Music Workshop

  • Tech Skills: Master the fundamentals of DAWs and sound design.
  • Creative Freedom: Explore your creativity with electronic music production.
  • Industry Insight: Learn from Ableton-certified professionals.
  • Showcase Your Work: Finish with a fully mixed track to share and celebrate.

So why are School Holiday Workshops worth it?

School holiday workshops aren’t just about learning—they’re about experiencing, creating, and having fun while you’re at it. Here’s why these workshops are a total game-changer for your break:

  • Keeps the Brain Active: You’re honing skills and learning new things.
  • Explores Passion: Dive deep into your interests and maybe discover a future career path.
  • Fosters Friendships: Meet new friends who share your love for music.
  • Boosts Confidence: Performing and creating helps build self-esteem and stage presence.
  • Breaks the Monotony: Say hello to adventure and excitement!

Why settle for an ordinary holiday when you can make it extraordinary with AIM’s school holiday workshops? Whether you’re jamming on the drums, writing your next big hit, or mixing beats like a pro, there’s a workshop waiting to turn your school break into a musical masterpiece.

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