10 May 2022

Women Killing It In the Music Industry: Music Industry Insights Podcast

Women in Music industry panel speakers


An accomplished and diverse group of women successfully navigating all areas of the music industry joined forces at AIM for a highly-charged exploration of their achievements and challenges for the latest episode of AIM’s Music Industry Insights podcast. This conversation is available to listen to via Spotify Podcasts and Apple Podcasts

Speakers on the Music Industry Insights panel included women working in artist management, media, DJing, marketing, A&R, podcasting and making music itself. They also included Azure, one of the driving forces behind the “Beneath The Glass Ceiling” Instagram account and movement to expose unethical members of the industry and hold them to account. The conversation got undeniably heated and some provocative (yet important) ground was covered. We thank our speakers for their vulnerability, insights and honesty. 


  • Alexia Dobbin: Company Director – Alexia Dobbin Entertainment
  • Poppy Reid: Editor in Chief – Brag Media (titles including Rolling Stone Australia and The Music Network)
  • Azure: Musical artist
  • Amy Jarman: Director of A&R – Production Club (Super Bowl, The Chainsmokers, Skrillex, Amazon, Intel, Riot Games, Beeple)
  • Jade Le Flay: DJ, artist, host & entrepreneur
  • Kailei Ginman: Marketing Manager AUNZ – Helix Records, Payday Records, Ultra Publishing



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