Accepting Your Offer

Terms and Conditions for International Students

Please read before you sign the Acceptance of Offer.

  • Any false or misleading documentation found relating to a student’s application could result in the application becoming invalid.  
  • If a student fails to meet the academic requirements, AIM has the right to withdraw or amend the student enrolment according to AIM’s Policies and Procedures.
  • Any student whose account remains outstanding at the start of term will be advised in writing of the consequences of non-payment and could result in the cancellation of their enrolment. 
  • AIM can cancel, defer or temporarily suspend the enrolment of the student on the grounds of:
    • Compassionate or compelling circumstances; or
    • Misbehaviour by the student.
  • AIM may cancel the student visa holder’s enrolment and their Confirmation of Enrolment if the cancellation, deferral or suspension of the course of study of a student visa holder was due to one of the following:
    • a breach of academic (course) progress
    • because of the student’s conduct;
    • on the basis of fraudulent or misleading evidence;
    • other than compelling or compassionate circumstances; or
    • the Student visa holder has deferred or suspended their studies for compelling or compassionate reasons and those reasons have ceased to exist,

For more information see the Cancelling (Withdrawing), Deferring and Suspending Student Enrolment Policy and Procedure.

Where a new student has signed an Acceptance of Offer (AoO) and gives a minimum of four (4) weeks (28 days) written notice before the commencement of a study period of an inability to undertake the course, the tuition fees paid for the term are refundable minus a 15% administration fee. 

Refunds will be paid to the following person:

  • the student;
  • if a person (other than the student) is specified in the agreement to receive any refund under this section will be paid to the specified person.

For information regarding AIM’s Refund Policy, please see Refund Student Tuition Fees Policy and Procedure

  • While on a student visa students are required by government legislation to notify AIM of any changes of residential address, mobile number, email address and who to contact in emergency situations within 7 days.
  • International students who intend to bring school-aged dependents to Australia will be required to pay full fees if they are enrolled in either a government school or a non-government school.
  • It is a condition of the Australian student visa that a student must maintain satisfactory course progression and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) policy.
  • International students are limited to working 40 hours per fortnight when course is in session.
  • International students must remain in a registered course at the same level or a higher level than the student visa was granted for.
  • International students must maintain financial capacity as at the time their visa was granted.
  • International students younger than 18 years of age are managed in accordance with the Students Under 18 Policy and Procedure.
  • Applications to be submitted to AIM prior to course commencement.
  • AIM reserve the right not to accept or review the applications should it is submitted after the course has commenced.
  • For RPL application submission after the course has commenced, the application should be lodged no later than the end of week 2 of the first study period. Late RPL applications lodged after week 2 of the first study period will not generally be processed, unless otherwise approved by the Director of Academic Affairs or delegate under.
  • Certified copies of all relevant original documentation must be supplied at the time of application. If the application relates to study at a different institution, an original transcript of results, relevant unit guides and course structure must be provided. If the documentation is not in English, certified translations must be supplied. 
  • If the RPL is approved before the student visa is granted, the Confirmation of Enrolment will indicate the net course duration. If the RPL is approved after the student visa is granted, the change of course duration will be reported via PRISMS. Regardless of the amount of credit approved, international students must maintain a full-time study load to satisfy student visa requirements.

For more information see the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedure.

Students are expected to adhere to AIM’s policies and procedures at all times. AIM reserves the right to suspend or expel students for serious breaches of AIM’s policies and procedures. No refunds will be made in such cases. This includes meeting all the course requirements, attendance and regulatory requirements. 

For more information see the Student Code of Conduct.

The information on the student application can be given to the Australian Government authorities or other designated authorities and, if relevant, the Tuition Protection Service. This information may include personal and contact details, course enrolment details and changes, and the circumstance of any suspected breach of a student visa condition and will be provided in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988

For more information see the Privacy policy.

  • International students may be offered a package program, which consists of an English language course and one or more Academic courses. Students must satisfactorily complete the English language course before proceeding with the Academic course.
  • A student may be required to repeat the English language course if they do not complete it satisfactorily and will be required to pay an additional fee.
  • Fee amounts quoted are correct at the time this letter is produced. AIM reserves the right to vary fees at any time.
  • Additional tuition fees apply for students who require extra study periods to complete their course.
  • By signing the Acceptance of Offer (AoO) the student is aware that he/she is prepared to meet the fees and related costs associated with studying at AIM.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to keep a copy of all written receipts for any payments of tuition fees and non-tuition fees

The Tuition Protection Service (TPS) is an initiative of the Australian Government to assist international students whose education providers are unable to fully deliver their course of study. In the event that AIM is unable to deliver a course, the TPS ensures that international students are able to either:

  • complete their studies in another course or with another education provider or
  • receive a refund of their unspent tuition fees.

AIM aims to provide adequate and easily activated dispute resolution procedures to deal with complaints/grievances and appeals. The Institute will treat complaints/grievances and appeals seriously ensuring that all processes are clear, confidential and fair to all parties. The best approach is to try and informally resolve the matter at the local level, before proceeding to a formal complaint. AIM has a 4-stage process:

  1. Inform Discussion/negotiation
  2. Formal internal grievance or complaint
  3. Formal internal Referral
  4. External independent Arbitration.

For more information see the Student Grievances and Complaints Policy and Procedure.

If you would like to accept this offer and secure your place, please return the signed Acceptance of Offer and proof of deposit payment* within 28 days of the date of this offer. Please note that conditions of this offer are subject to change and are not guaranteed if your acceptance is not received within 28 days of issuance of this offer.  Please sign and return Acceptance of Offer together with proof of payment to either or via your in-country representative.

It is the student’s responsibility to keep a copy of this written agreement. This agreement, and the availability of complaints and appeals processes does not remove the right of the student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

*Payments will only be receipted if requested.