Early Entry

Start your exams with confidence: get an early offer to study in 2025

When you apply through AIM’s Early Entry program you can audition and secure your place for 2025 before you sit your Year 12 exams. 

This program is available to domestic school leavers. 

Young musician sitting on the floor playing guitar

How Does it Work?

Choose a course

Choose a course, and submit your Early Entry Application. You don’t need an ATAR to do this. 

Audition or submit your portfolio

Attend an audition or submit your portfolio. Early Entry auditions are held before you start your exams. Find out about auditioning at AIM

Accept your offer

Accept your Early Entry Offer. Secure your 2025 place at AIM, before your start your exams.

Early Entry offers are conditional upon you meeting all course specific application conditions, as well as the relevant course eligibility and admission criteria. Bachelor of Music applicants will need to provide a Record of School Achievement, and Bachelor of Arts and Entertainment Management applicants will need to provide evidence of a + 60 ATAR. 

Josephine Su 

Bachelor of Music Theatre student.

“Early entry lifted a huge burden off my shoulders during exams as i could confidently finish them without added pressure.” 
Image of a female performer, singing on stage.

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