The Art and Science of Music 

When you study composition at AIM you will be supported to become a composer with originality, heightened musical ability and technical mastery.

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Bachelor of Music (Composition)

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Composition at AIM is a combination of practical experience, educational rigour and creative collaboration.

Composition today spans multiple mediums and genres – from mainstream music and interactive multimedia to gaming and films. Our course provides you with the technical knowledge and skills to explore your areas of interest.

You will collaborate and network with performers, creative technicians and those in the business of music and arts, to develop your skills and knowledge across all areas of music. You can create original songs, arrangements, orchestrations, soundtracks, multimedia installations and more.

You will be supported to explore and create, helping you to build your portfolio and create long-lasting network connections from day one.

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Birdee Sideris, Artist 

“AIM helped me find producers to collaborate with and start my journey as an independent solo artist.”
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