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Start your career in the arts and entertainment industry by mastering the business foundations. Whether you want to manage individual artists or lead large organisations, our courses prepare you for wherever your career takes you.

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Undergraduate Certificate in Music

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Diploma of Arts and Entertainment Management

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Bachelor of Arts and Entertainment Management

Link to: Bachelor of Arts and Entertainment Management

Master of Arts & Entertainment Management 

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Our courses offer a balance of theoretical learning with practical, real-world training, supporting you to develop high-level professional, leadership and collaboration skills.

You will learn how to collaborate with writers, producers and performers across our diverse music programs, and build a resilient set of capabilities for the rapidly changing music industry.

Brieahna Chadevski

Marketing Exectutive, Qudos Bank Arena

“My degree from AIM has been the foundation of my successful career in the entertainment industry.”
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Sarah Yagki

Artist and Music Publicist at Good Internet Sarah Yagki

“Studying at AIM fostered the network, skills, and knowledge I needed to achieve my dreams of working as a full-time artist and music publicist.”
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Jack McCormack

Artist Manager, Untitled Group

Artist Manager, Untitled Group “I love my job and my degree at AIM helped me learn the skills I use in my job everyday, as well as context of other roles within the greater industry”
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