Recipient of the Justin Cosby Scholarship

We’re thrilled to announce Bonnie Rose Stoyanof as the inaugural recipient of The Justin Cosby Scholarship, honouring the late A&R Director of Inertia Music.

Jointly funded by AIM and contributions from Justin’s loved ones, this scholarship supports one student annually pursuing a Bachelor of Arts and Entertainment Management degree, reflecting Justin’s profound impact on the Australian music scene.

Bonnie, a passionate music enthusiast from Sydney, brings her volunteer experience at ARIA/PPCA and festivals like Laneway, Good Things, Soundwave, and Summer Camp to this deserving accolade. She expresses her heartfelt gratitude, aiming to emulate Justin’s love for music as she embarks on her career journey. The Bachelor of Arts and Entertainment Management course, blending theory with practical experience, prepares students just like Bonnie for success in the dynamic music industry!

Our very own Tim Kelly, a former colleague of Justin Cosby, says “I’m delighted for Bonnie, she fits the profile of the scholarship and is exactly the type of person who will make the industry a better place.”

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Inertia, AIM Foundation, Musica Copa, One Louder, Future Classic, JB Hi-Fi, Remote Control, MGM, So Frenchy So Chic, Proper Productions, and Sweat it Out for their generous financial contributions towards The Justin Cosby Scholarship.

Bonnie spent a moment with us to express how she feels about receiving the JC Scholarship:

How do you feel about receiving the JC Scholarship for your potential in the music scene?

I’m incredibly honoured to be the recipient of the Justin Cosby Scholarship and that the deciding panel has seen this potential in me. It has been greatly encouraging.

What made you choose to study Bachelor of Arts and Entertainment Management, and how will this scholarship help?

Music has always been my livelihood and I’ve been working toward a career in the industry over several years. Choosing this degree was intentional and in alignment with my passion and goals. This scholarship has given me the best opportunity to succeed.

How do you plan to contribute to the music industry’s future?

I hope to have a career that supports the development of artists and strengthening the Australian music industry. It would also be great if I could assist people in future with starting their career in the industry.

How will you help upcoming talents, inspired by mentors like Justin Cosby?

It has been a primary interest of mine to develop upcoming artists and giving them the best chance at success. I envision to collaborate with artists to understand how I can support them in the best way, whilst using my education and creativity to bring this to life.

What exciting opportunities do you see in arts and entertainment management? Do you have a dream job?

There are many exciting aspects of the music industry, and I see many different potential avenues. More than anything, I’d be proud to be working where I am making an impact.

Last but not least, how excited have you been about joining AIM?

Starting my degree at AIM has been fantastic. My teachers have been wholeheartedly supportive and I’m learning a lot. It has been the best choice I could make for my learning

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