Policies and Procedures 

Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure

Academic Progression and Intervention Policy & Procedure 

Admissions Policy (Incorporating English Language Proficiency Requirements) 

Anti-Discrimination Policy & Procedure 

Appeals Policy and Procedure 

Assessment Policy and Procedure 

Child Protection Policy & Procedure

Deferring, Suspending, Withdrawing, Cancelling Student Enrolment Policy & Procedure 

Disability Policy & Procedure

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan 

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Policy and Procedure 

Domestic Fee Policy and Procedure 

Domestic Refund Student Tuition Fee Policy & Procedure 

Health & Safety Policy & Procedure 

International Fee Policy and Procedure 

International Refund Student Tuition Fee Policy & Procedure 

International Student Transfer Policy and Procedure 

Library Policy & Procedure (under review) 

Students Under 18 Policy and Procedure 

Privacy Policy and Procedure 

Recognitions of Prior Learning Policy and Procedure 

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) – November 2022- May 2024 

Scholarship Policy and Procedure (under review) 

Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure 

Statement of Tuition Assurance Exemption 

Staff Copyright & Intellectual Property Policy & Procedure 

Student Grievances and Complaints Policy and Procedure 

Student Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy & Procedure 

Student Code of Conduct 

Support for Students Policy and Procedure

Third-Party Agreements Policy & Procedure

Whistleblower Policy and Procedure 

Whistleblower FAQs 

Vaccination Policy and Procedure