Develop Your Skills as a Performer 

Contemporary Performance at AIM will support you to build your skills as a performer in a structured learning environment.  

A person sitting at a drum kit

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Bachelor of Music (Performance) 

Link to: Bachelor of Music (Performance) 
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Learning Through Practice 

Contemporary Performance is a broad area and whether you are a vocalist, guitarist, drummer, or any other instrument, you will receive 1:1 tuition from our experts from the start of your course. Build your skills and confidence as a performer through our practical courses. 

Alex Smirneos 

Independent Artist, Royal Drue 

“Networking within the AIM community helped kickstart my career as a performer/songwriter. As they say… “It takes a village…”
A female vocalist performing on stage

Alicia Varas 

Independent Artist

“The lecturers helped me get my vocals the best they could be, but also respected where I wanted to go as an artist and the way I wanted to sing.” 
A woman standing with a guitar, looking back over her shoulder to the camera.

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