Backstage Pass 2023 – School Excursion (SYD)

A music excursion experience perfect for school students.

AIM Backstage Pass is designed to provide secondary music students at any stage of learning with an enjoyable, informative, and educational experience at the Australian Institute of Music Sydney campus. It is a day full of music and collaboration to give students a holistic music experience.

The session is designed to provide three key musical experiences:

  1. A musical collaborative performance
  2. A bespoke, personalised session
  3. An overview of tertiary study

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Backstage Pass can be booked any time of the year to suit your education needs. The day runs from 9:30am – 1:30pm and can be made up of 1-2 of the workshops available below.

  1. Performance Workshop
  2. Songwriting Masterclass
  3. Studio Recording Workshop
  4. Vocal Masterclass
  5. Composition Workshop

Some popular combinations include:

Songwriting Masterclass into Performance Workshop

Performance workshop into Studio Recording Workshop

Vocal Masterclass into Songwriting Masterclass

Our classes are exclusively led by AIM Alumni who are distinguished and qualified experts in their respective musical fields. These educators not only exhibit academic excellence but also maintain active involvement in the industry, allowing their passion and up-to-date expertise to seamlessly integrate into their teaching. This commitment ensures that our students benefit from the latest industry insights and knowledge.

Anything else we should know?

Backstage Pass can be tailored to suit the timeframe of your excursion. We’d love to collaborate with you to create something that fits within your schedule.

If you would like your school to experience an AIM Backstage Pass in 2023 but are unable to attend our campus, AIM may be able to visit your school.

To speak further to one of our education experts, please book an appointment below.

Alternatively, you can give us a call at 02 9219 5444 or email us at To help us to provide the most meaningful experience for your students, provide information on the level of experience your students have in your chosen area, and any additional information that will help us to plan this session.

We look forward to seeing you and your talented students at Backstage Pass.

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Feedback from Teachers

My students and I enjoyed a masterful experience with the AIM teachers. The performance workshop aligned particularly well with my music program.”

Learning about songwriting from experienced and knowledgeable teachers was a fantastic experience for my music students. It was a great day.

The vocal masterclass was brilliant. My students were buzzing by the end and they immediately started asking me when they could do another one. Thank you!

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