Dr. Mark Oliveiro

Academic Lecturer

Dr Mark Oliveiro is a graduate and distinguished alumnus of the Sydney Conservatorium, the College of Music, the University of North Texas and the School of Music of Indiana University.  

As well as working as an academic lecturer at AIM, Mark is a composer with diverse extra-musical interests including history, mythology and ancient literature.

At present, he has an interest in exploring, by way of conceptual abstract and musical aesthetic, the notion of reconstructing lost or imagined performance traditions. Dance and movement, theatrics and technology, language and social media, are just some of the non-musical solutions most apt for his ever expanding, contemporary composer tool belt. 

With a keen and equal interest in acoustic and electronic music as well as interactive media, Mark’s music has been represented at national and international conferences and festivals including the World Saxophone Congress, the International Horn Society, the International Computer Music Association, the Society of Electroacoustic Music, Electronic Music Midwest and Vivid Music. 

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