Justyn Angel Ball

Workshop Teacher

Studying music from a young age, Justyn Angel has cultivated a music career for herself as a performer, composer and teacher. From afternoons as a bubbly teacher to evenings as your wedding singer, Justyn Angel has carefully nurtured her craft on stage and in the classroom.

To plant her love for music, Angel completed her Masters in Music, with specific research in Vocal Performance, Composition and Music Production at the Australian Institute of Music’s Sydney Campus in 2021. Under the mentorship of many renowned musicians and composers in the Sydney music scene, Angel has been able to craft the art of pop, jazz and RnB music, whilst simultaneously developing her musicality.

Alongside being a live performer, Angel has a passion for teaching people of all ages about the magic that music can bring to people’s lives. She has a firm belief that music is a fundamental part of society and everybody’s livelihood. Angel also believes that her strength of knowing different genres of music will guide students to find their passion in whatever genre they’d like. Teaching music to others means that we get to build and be part of the next future music scene!

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