Lauren Neko

Academic Lecturer

Lauren Neko is an electronic music artist and creative industries educator. A talented writer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer, Lauren has played on numerous international stages, festivals, clubs and galleries. She embraces a radical use of colour in all of her performances.  

Lauren’s work is inspired by 80s disco and the 90’s Rave/House scene. She embodies the radical self-acceptance that was at the forefront of both these underground movements then and now, and is an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community.  

As the founder of Glössy Entertainment and front-woman of UV Sound System ‘LUV’D UP’ – Lauren curates and produces stunning UV immersive events at Australian clubs and Festivals.  

Lauren is an active artist, radio host, music producer and industry public speaker. She has been a music educator for more than half of her life. Specialising first in voice and group music coaching, her focus is now on teaching future industry leaders about creative practice, leadership, and small business management.  

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