Nicholas Gentile

Academic Lecturer

Nicholas Gentile is a performer and composer. A proud graduate of the prestigious Talent Development Project, he has performed and studied around the world. 

In 2010, Nicholas received a scholarship to London to study conducting under Denise Ham and Colin Pettit on the West End Production of Les Miserables. In 2013, he travelled to the US through the Talent Development Project to work with composers like Stephen Schwartz and Alan Menken. He later returned to the USA to attend the Marvin Hamlisch Broadway Conductors Program. 

Nicholas is the composer of La CreoleTogether Apart, and in 2016 released a musical short film trilogy online starring Philip Quast. He has worked as a composer and orchestrator on various short films for international film festivals. Nicholas has recently undertaken a new position as the Chief Conductor of the Sydney Girls Orchestra. 

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