From Contemporary Music student to Managing Director

Eliette Roslin, a former AIM student, welcomes you to a candid exploration of her journey, which started in the classrooms of AIM studying a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary) Majoring in Vocals and has now led her to the role of Founder and Managing Director of Eliette’s Music Academy in Auckland, New Zealand. In this in-depth Q&A, we navigate through practical and authentic aspects of her evolution. Read on for an insightful glimpse into the relatable path Eliette has traversed to shape her own music and educational narrative.

What course did you study at AIM and, what led you to choose that course?

Bachelor of Music (Contemporary) Majoring in Vocals. I fell in love with the practicality the course had to offer. The performance opportunities and that I could also do papers that covered Artists Management, Songwriting and Event Management. It gave me perspective and insight into the industry of music overall.  

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You are now the Managing Director at Eliette’s Music Academy; can you share a standout moment or experience from your time at AIM (or after AIM) that influenced your career direction?

I loved the community I found at EMA. Everyone coming together and supporting each other and being excited to make music and get creative with one another. It was the first time I had experienced such a supportive creative environment – it was like I had found my people in the world. That partly inspired me to create a space similar for students studying music. This mixed in with my love for teaching is what led me to start Eliette’s Music Academy.

Can you highlight any specific resources or opportunities at AIM that had a lasting impact on your career trajectory?

The biggest thing for me was the level of professionalism I learned at AIM. How to be prepared for gigs and rehearsals, creatively being challenged, and being surrounded by so much talent that it encouraged you to be better and work harder. Being inspired. The courses on offer, and the connections in the industry that it leads to. 

How do you bring your AIM education into your teaching approach at your academy?

What I learned about vocal technique and health is very much included now in the academy. The level of professionalism and expectations in class has flowed through too. I would’ve loved to have learned what I learned at AIM much earlier in my education and I don’t know why other academies/schools don’t. I’m proud that EMA sets those standards early for students so they are prepared. 

Also masterclass activities we did at AIM and performance workshops have sparked ideas for us and what we offer.


Reflecting on your AIM journey, what aspects of the program do you think set it apart and make it a valuable choice for contemporary performers?

When I compare my education and training at AIM to what is offered at other universities, it doesn’t even come close in comparison. I think what AIM offers goes above and beyond what any other institution can. This is partly to do with the size of the AIM student count. I feel this influences who you meet – the opportunity to collaborate with a wider variety of musicians, the class options and industry gigs, shows and partnerships. Many Uni’s have a much smaller pool of music students which limits opportunities. I also think the level of education I received at AIM and who I studied under was a huge blessing. As I said, I liked the variety of classes and that it covered multiple areas of the industry. 

And lastly, what advice would you give to any young student thinking of starting their own business, whatever that may be?

Follow your dreams! Don’t be scared of failure. You can achieve anything with hard work, sacrifice and focus. Believe in yourself and surround yourself with like-minded people who will champion you, challenge you, love and support you. Write a business plan and write down your “why” in case you need a reminder as to why you’re on this path to begin with.

As we conclude this insightful Q&A with Eliette Roslin, we hope you’ve found inspiration in her down-to-earth journey from AIM’s Contemporary Music student, to the driving force behind Eliette’s Music Academy in Auckland. AIM offers multiple Contemporary Performance Courses – a chance to embark on your authentic journey in the world of contemporary music. Keep the rhythm of your aspirations alive!

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