Music Industry Insights feat. Regan Lethbridge (co-manager Tones & I, Tash Sultana) Sydney

Music Industry Insights is our exclusive interview series featuring the heavyweights and thought leaders of Australian music. Hosted by music industry veteran and AIM Chair Ed St John, the series is filmed on Tuesday nights at AIM’s Sydney campus before a live audience and live streamed on the AIMTv YouTube channel.

Feb 9th: Regan Lethbridge

Co-Manager, Tones and I, Tash Sultana

Regan Lethbridge is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs working in the Australian music industry today.  His story should serve as inspiration for any young musician or manager wanting to build a sustainable long-term career.

Regan is perhaps best-known as the co-manager of Tones & I – whose single Dance Monkey has become one of the biggest songs in the history of the music business. The song went #1 in 30 countries, has been streamed seven billion times, with a further one billion views on Youtube.  Regan also co-manages Tash Sultana, a Melbourne-based artist who now commands such a loyal global audience that she can headline US arenas and festivals such as Coachella.

Regan started his career as a member of New Zealand band Bonjah.  Interestingly, the band made their money largely through busking.   Many of the artists he chooses to now manage (including Tones and Tash) made their name as buskers.

Today, Regan heads up a business empire that includes Lemontree Music (artist management) Lemontree Records (record label) and Lonely Lands booking agency.

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