NFTs, Web 3 & The Music Industry – Sparkfest & AIM

Ready to take off? Too soon? Never gonna happen? What even is this whole NFT/Web 3 thing?

No matter where you fall with the above, it’s a good idea right now to understand the landscape and be able to make your own informed decisions. That’s what ‘Web 3 What’s in it For Me’ is all about. There’ll be no Kool-Aid on offer at this event: just a down to earth, accessible conversation about:

  • What are NFTs and what might they mean for the music industry?
  • What are the risks you should be aware of?
  • What are people actually doing with Web 3 and NFTs in the music industry today?

Bring your questions, bring your curiosity, bring a friend! Join Spark FestivalJoan Westenberg and Trent Shaw of and a bunch of other movers and shakers from the Aussie Web 3 scene who’ll be converging on AIM’s beautiful new space down in The Rocks.


Doors open 5:30pm and we’ll kick off the presentations at 6:00pm sharp.

Keeping our community COVID-Safe

We’re all in this brave new world together.

  • We request all our attendees to be double vaccinated.
  • Please don’t attend if you’re not feeling in tiptop shape.

Note that these requests are subject to change and that we will strictly follow NSW authorities’ recommendations at all times.

How to find the AIM (Australian Institute of Music)

AIM’s beautiful new building is located down in The Rocks: enter via 27 Nurses Walk (map).

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