Where’s Your Head At? Support Act Session

Support Act is Australia’s premier mental health charity dedicated to supporting the music industry, artist and crew community. Support Act is joining us for a special one hour workshop for AIM students this Thursday.

In this 1 hour Zoom workshop, AIM students can join alt-country singer/songwriter Fanny Lumsden and psychology researcher & Support Act mental health educator, Ash King for a chance to take a breath and take stock of where your head’s at after a tough year of challenge and uncertainty.

What you’ll learn:

– About the four domains of wellbeing and why they’re essential

– How to tell when you life has fallen out of balance

– How you respond to stress (the good, the bad and the ugly ways)

– How to support yourself in the moment when emotions get overwhelming

– Tips to take care of your body, take care of your mind, and take care of your mates

We’ll finished off with a live Q&A with Fanny & Ash, so you can ask us anything!

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