29 March 2021

Harmony Week @ AIM Sydney / Melbourne

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Harmony Week celebrates the diverse and thriving melting pot of cultures that cross-pollenate in Australia. Here at the Australian Institute of Music, The AIM Student Association staged shows in Sydney and Melbourne that featured a slew of our talented students and alumni from around the world. Watch videos and see more photos on our Instagram.

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In Melbourne, the event kicked off with an acknowledgement of country by First Nations Community Centre co-ordinator and AIM student Michael Higgins. Students enjoyed performances by Bahasa Indonesian performers Karen Sahputra and Gandhi Manohara. Karamveer Singh played Indian classical music alongside Ali Shah, Chelsei Bright and Partha Hazarika and Ag Johnson showcased South Sudanese contemporary pop.

Footscray Community Arts Centre Engagement and Marketing Manager Vyshnavee Wijekumar also took part in a Q&A session with AIM’s Tracee Hutchison. She talked about the critical nature of diversity in music and film and her own journey as an arts and music programmer seeking to provide opportunities for people of all cultures and backgrounds to shine their light on stage and on screen.

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“I think, especially within the music industry, there’s a long way to go in terms of who those voices are, and who’s getting those platforms,” Vyshnavee said. “[However] you’re seeing more and more artists like Baker Boy who are really bringing their culture and their language to the forefront of their work. And I think, represented here today on Harmony Day, and the performances we’ve seen today [is a reminder that] you shouldn’t be afraid to bring that to your work, because I think there’s a narrative that needs to be changed here,” she adds.

Listen to the full interview on Soundcloud or below. This recording also features a performance by AIM student Ag Johnson performing South Sudanese contemporary pop music.


Sydney’s performers included AIM lecturer Chris Fields’ Brazilian ensemble, Chinese/English fusion band Hologram, Skye performing a Korean/English song and closed with Minni and Veera singing a Finnish hymn by Jean Sibelius.

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Christina Rowatt

Christina Rowatt

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