It’s Raining Mentors: Support Act Special

In this week’s episode of the “It’s Raining Mentors” podcast, Josh and Elana speak to Luke O’Connor, the National Mental Health and Wellbeing Manager for Australia’s premier music industry mental health charity, Support Act. In this extended conversation, they explore how Support Act works with the Australian music community to help achieve optimum mental health in what can be a volatile work environment, with unique challenges. Support Act’s deep understanding of the musician’s life is a crucial part of what they do. Listen to the podcast on on Apple Podcasts or Spotify Podcasts.

The “It’s Raining Mentors” podcast is hosted by lauded Australian musicians Josh Pyke and Elana Stone. The AIM co-production seeks to “peek under the hood” of the Aussie industry and provide insights via interviews with insiders. Our new season of episodes will feature experts from Sounds Australia, Gyrostream and in-depth interviews with artists including Montaigne and Thanh Bui.

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