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  • The Bachelor of Music (Arts Management) is the ideal degree for musicians dedicated to developing their craft whilst learning creative and collaborative music management practices. This unique hybrid undergraduate degree is designed to provide forward-thinking musicians with a head start in a competitive industry.

  • Learn the foundations of audio production. This includes professional studio training, live sound, post-production for film and gaming and electronic music production. You’ll study through a combination of specialised one-on-one tutoring and collaborative classes and actively engage with students from other areas of AIM.

  • In this course you’ll develop your unique sound across diverse musical genres and styles. You’ll study through a combination of one-on-one tutoring and group master classes in composition, actively engaging in scoring, arranging, orchestration, recording, digital audio and post-production. You will learn theoretical and technical skills in all aspects of creative musicianship to support you as you progress.

  • Launch your career journey in the music industry with a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary) at AIM. This course is perfect if you’re an instrumentalist or vocalist looking to take your technical, performance and musicianship skills to a professional level. The degree combines core topics such as theory, musicianship, arts management and recording to help you develop your knowledge and technical ability.


    Melbourne, Online, Sydney

    In this course you’ll develop your unique personality as a musical theatre performer, focussing on your vocal, acting and dancing and developing additional skills in areas of interest such as songwriting, second instrument studies and arts management. You’ll create and deliver major performance works, from concept to professional realisation.


    Melbourne, Sydney

    Take your career in music to an elite level with a Master of Music degree. In this course, you’ll translate your undergraduate studies or professional experience into a supervised, structured exploration of your own creative practice within an academic framework.

  • The Music Factory 2-Day Workshop is full of face-to-face practical sessions focused on individual and ensemble music performance, taught by AIM’s professional staff. As a collaborative 2-day experience, young musicians will work with instrument specialists on individual and collective exercises and engage in masterclasses and ensemble sessions to learn techniques and get valuable feedback.

  • Write and perform your own original songs! Students will how learn basic songwriting tools to transform their ideas into words and music and develop proper breathing and vocal techniques and styles in order to perform their work.

  • Composition Skills 2 is a 5-week intermediate program for designed to build on the compositional techniques introduced in Composition 1 or for those with some experience, to further unlock your creativity and music making confidence. You will learn more advanced song structures, chord progressions, scales, motif structures and rhythmic tools to produce an original composition by the end of the course.

  • Songwriting Skills 2 is a 5-week intermediate program designed to build on the knowledge and skills gained in Songwriting 1 or for participants with some basic experience.

  • Songwriting Skills 1 is a 5-week beginner program for adults which introduces the fundamentals of songwriting. You will learn lyric rhyme and rhythm patterns, and some common and useful chord progressions towards the development of your own material.