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  • Vocal Skills 1 is a 4-week beginner program for youths, designed to teach students how to use proper vocal technique. The class will focus on warming up, posture, breath control, with an introduction to vocal health, intonation and harmonising with others.

  • Songwriting Skills 1 is a 4-week beginner program for youths which introduces the fundamentals of songwriting. You will learn lyric rhyme and rhythm patterns, and some common and useful chord progressions towards the development of your own material.

  • The AIM Young Studio is our Saturday school for gifted and talented students which offers beginner, intermediate and advanced training for young people between the ages of 12 to 17. If you are dreaming of becoming the ultimate triple threat in the music theatre world, this course is for you.


    Melbourne, Sydney

    If you are a young instrumentalist or vocalist keen to specialise in music performance, this course is for you. Young Musician is available to beginner, intermediate and advanced students who are looking to develop technique, skills and confidence as a music performer.