The Dollars and Sense of Sync: A Chat with Songtradr’s Paul Wiltshire

iHub event

Songtradr is the largest B2B music platform in the world solving complex world of music rights licensing. Founded in 2014 by award-winning Australian producer Paul Wiltshire, the company has developed a comprehensive platform for brands, games, apps and digital platforms to access the world’s music and power music experiences. With a B2B client base that includes many of the world’s biggest brands and entertainment companies, Songtradr has raised over US$150 million and recently acquired 7digital to expand its product offering and technologies.

As part of the AIM iHUB‘s series of future industry talks, Paul Wiltshire will be sharing his incredible entrepreneurial journey from record producer to start-up founder, and how Songtradr is changing the music industry for good through technology, creativity, and transparency. He’ll also provide insights into the company’s cap raise process and acquisition strategy, as well as their AI technology that allows clients to optimize music selection and licensing for increased impact and ROI.

This exclusive fireside chat is a rare opportunity to hear from an innovator who has revolutionized the way music rights are licensed. Don’t miss this must-attend event. RSVP now to secure your spot. Tickets are limited.

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