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  • The Undergraduate Certificate in Music Theory and Practice will provide you with essential practical skills on your primary or secondary instrument as well as key music theory knowledge, designed to support you in your creative output or educational environment. The course will broaden your overall musical skill sets and further your career opportunities.

  • The Undergraduate Certificate in Music and Arts Management will teach you essential business skills in music management, as well as broadening your management skill sets and further your career opportunities.

  • If you are a passionate performer or musician who would like to explore music performance in more detail, the 7-month Undergraduate Certificate in Music Performance will provide you with the knowledge and provide you with the practical music skills to help future-proof your career. 


    Melbourne, Online, Sydney

    In this course you’ll develop your unique personality as a musical theatre performer, focussing on your vocal, acting and dancing and developing additional skills in areas of interest such as songwriting, second instrument studies and arts management. You’ll create and deliver major performance works, from concept to professional realisation.


    Melbourne, Sydney

    Take your career in music to an elite level with a Master of Music degree. In this course, you’ll translate your undergraduate studies or professional experience into a supervised, structured exploration of your own creative practice within an academic framework.

  • Dance Skills 1 is a practical introduction to dance for youth which places emphasis on the role that dance plays in theatrical contexts as a tool for characterisation and storytelling. You will learn a basic warm-up and key dance improvisation techniques towards a simple dance routine.

  • Youth Acting Skills 1 is a 4-week beginner program that introduces the basics of the acting process through fun practical activities. You will learn about improvisational and group techniques to develop an understanding of character, relationship and situation using simple text analysis on a basic scene presentation.

  • The 5-Day Intensive school holiday program is a series of collective and collaborative face-to-face practical classes focused on different aspects of music, taught by AIM’s professional staff and guest artists. Over the course of the week, students will come together for large group exercises and masterclasses, as well as streaming into their specialisation classes for music performance, music theatre performance and music production.